Made using an imported luxe feel, wrinkle-resistant blendPosh Poppet promises the same stylish packability and attention to detail. A  more structured design and fabric , the Posh Poppet features the same sleeve ruching . Additional design features include, a longer back and shorter front with a subtle waterfall effect. The Posh has the look of a type of feminine tuxedo with a stand up collar and soft lapels. Finishing with subtle shoulder detail and our patent pending attached water-repellent protective pocket, you will be prepared to be perfectly styled from day to night! The Posh Poppet sheds wrinkles with a shake, feels great and looks great right out of the pocket !

Red Travel Cardigan, valentines day gift, gift for women, Red Cardigan, travel cardigan, packable cardigan, travel cardigan, disappearing cardigan, cardigan in a pocket , cardigan with pockets, pocket cardigan The Classic Poppet features box pleats on the back just above the natural waist level, cleverly concealing  the Pocket Poppet pouch on the inside.

The flawless and flattering design of the’ Classic’ Pocket Poppet travel cardigan is made from a Made in the USA soft classic knit rayon jersey with 6% spandex for easier crease release.

The Classic Poppet is currently available in 7 beautiful colors: Black Noir, Au Naturel, Sapphire Blue, Red Wine, Rich Plum, Heathered Grey and Heathered Steel Blue. All Classic Poppets except for the  ‘Au Naturel’ come with an attached black pocket.

Made in the USA

Charcoal cardigan , grey cardigan, packable cardigan, cardigan in a pocket, bamboo cardigan, cardigan , grey cardigan, Lotus Poppet Cardigan, yoga cover up,Best travel cardigan, bamboo clothing, smarter travel, pick of the day, bamboo sweater, cardigan in a pocket, made in the usa, American made, Pocket Poppet, best travel cardigan, grey cardigan, packable cardigan, travel sweater, travel cardigan, yoga The Lotus Poppet  features gently gathered pleats on the back just above the natural waist level, cleverly conceal the Pocket Poppet pocket on the inside. Created using an imported fabric blend using bamboo, a plant that grows quickly and does not require the use of pesticides and herbicides to thrive, the Lotus Poppet represents fresh and functional design for women’s clothes. Lotus Poppet works well as a yoga cover up and the breathable bamboo blend is both moisture wicking and anti-microbial. The smooth texture and natural luster leads to an excellent draping ability that is similar to silk but more practical since it is machine washable. Eco-friendly functional fashion Made in the USA.

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Kate is our packable on-trend, bolero style, wedding shrug with a soft and subtle drape in the front, curving into charming box pleats and soft bow detail on the back. Sleeves are 3/4 and both sleeves and neck are finished with our signature soft ruching. Kate is made from a soft knit rayon jersey knit. Perfectly packable, the Kate Wedding Shrug is practical and stylish gift for both brides and bridesmaids. Kate makes a compact cover-up for travel, out on the town or cooler summer evenings . Kate’s come with our patent pending water-repellent pocket. Garment and Fabric Made in the USA