When our original idea for the Pocket Poppet Cardigan On The Go™ was born two years ago, we used to imagine ourselves in an in-flight magazine and airports and would muse on the idea of how amazing that would be!! Thanks to Staci & Eva at Orca Communications PR , we found out how it feels and are simply ecstatic to share our US Airways Magazine December feature in the stocking stuffers section! We BELIEVE!


US Airways December Magazine


If there’s room for one more thing in her stocking, make it a Pocket Poppet. This soft cardigan comes tucked inside it’s own pocket, so she can carry it in a briefcase or purse and pull it out when needed. A gathered front drape and box pleats in the back give the Poppet a stylish flair. The pocket is cleverly designed to stay hidden when you’re wearing your Poppet. It’s made in the US of knit rayon jersey with a ouch of spandex and is available in soft black, rich plum, sapphire blue, and other colors. $99.

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US Airways



We have taken a lot of time and paid attention to detail in creating and perfecting what we feel is a high-quality innovative and classic garment. The Pocket Poppet is perfect for travel and more.

We love to connect with other women at our direct to consumer events and our design has proven to not only be flattering on many different sizes and body shapes but is also a one-of-a-kind packable design that is stylish and versatile.

The cardigan never gets lost from its Pocket because the soft , water repellent pocket is attached (it is hidden behind the stylish box pleats and belt detail on the back of the cardigan- this detail alone took many hours to perfect).

While you are wearing the Poppet, the pocket can hold small personal items such as your cell phone, a lipstick, or even travel papers and stash a credit card/I.D.in the additional pocket in the pouch. When the Poppet is stowed inside the pocket, there is a wrist strap for carrying!

Available in sizes XS-XL 3 styles, 8 colors, American Made. www.pocketpoppet.com $99-$129