Summertime Grilled Peaches & Giveaway

There are few things that feel more “American” than apple pie, baseball and summertime BBQs. Fresh off a decadent holiday weekend you might be looking for some healthy alternatives for dessert. (I know I am!) It just doesn’t feel right to end a delicious meal (or weekend!) without something special. So keep the grill hot, and follow our instructions for Grilled Peaches. A juicy, satisfying dish that will please your guests and your bikini body 🙂

(There’s also a “Made in America” giveaway including a very special guest brand!)

It’s simple to make Grilled Peaches:

Grilled Peaches Recipe from Pocket Poppet

Chefs Tips:

  • Top with some plain Greek Yogurt and cinnamon and you’ll impress both your guests and taste buds.
  • Use coconut oil or avocado oil, because it has a high smoke point.
  • Try with other fruit! Pineapple works just as well 🙂

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