Martha Stewart American Made Awards

We are pleased to announce that we have been nominated for the prestigious  Martha Stewart American Made Awards. The winner will be announced on October 23rd.

Fans of the Poppet ‘ Style On The Go’ designs can begin voting September 21st at .Visit us at for more information. We’d love your vote!
Pocket Poppet Martha Stewart American Made 2015 Awards Nominee

The Martha Stewart American Made 2015 Awards draw attention to designers and entrepreneurs who are making a difference because of their unique vision and passion for quality American-made products. Martha Stewart Living magazine has been showcasing American business owners, entrepreneurs and artisans for many years and we are honored to have the Poppet cardigans as a nominee. In addition to the Editors’ picks there is an Audience Choice Winner in each of 4 categories: Crafts, Design, Food and Style. The Poppet Company is nominated in the Style/Fashion category of the competition.

How did H&K The Poppet Company begin?

We formed H&K The Poppet Co in 2012, after a discussion recognizing the absence of garments for women that were packable and compact, as well as stylish and flattering. We launched nine months later , in June 2013. Our line now includes four styles of cardigans that fold into their own attached water-repellent pocket, with a packable wrap dress and Turnaround Tank to debut in the fall of 2016. When the wearer gets chilly or wants to change/enhance an outfit, these garments ‘pop’ out of their pocket ready to wear.

We pride ourselves in offering impeccable customer service and in manufacturing every Poppet in the US. As women entrepreneurs we are passionate about what we do, and pour our creativity and energy into our unique approach to style on the go. Our standard for high quality is reflected in our American-made garments.

Our innovative packable cardigan , much-anticipated wrap dress, known as Little Black Travel Dress ( LBTD)  and back to front tank , make our garments compatible with an active lifestyle. Poppet ‘ Style on the Go’ is the solution for today’s busy women.

This isn’t the first recognition for H&K The Poppet Company.

As well as the trophy- winning appearance on the ‘Shark Tank Your Life’ segment of Good Morning America , the Pocket Poppet ‘ Style On The Go’ cardigans have been featured as ‘Pick Of The Day’ in the Chicago Tribune in the Travel section that was shared by 20 plus Tribune affiliates across the country, Readers Digest, Smarter Travel, Travelgirl Magazine and named one of ‘5 Essential Travel Items for Women’ on Business Jet Travelers 4th annual Book of Lists.

Fans of the Poppet ‘ Style On The Go’ designs can begin voting September 21st at .Visit us at for more information.