Posh Poppet Wrinkle Resistant Travel Cardigan


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The Posh Poppet is made of an imported luxe feel, wrinkle-resistant blend, the Posh Poppet will promise the same stylish functionality, attention to detail and quality as the Classic and Lotus .

More structured in design and fabric than both the Classic and Lotus styles, the Posh Poppet features the same sleeve ruching , PP clench tag and packability.

The longer back and shorter soft shawl front on the Posh Poppet is perfect for a taller/leaner figure and also a small/petite figure.

The machine washable Posh Poppet black cardigan sheds wrinkles with a shake, feels great and looks great right out of the pocket!

The pleats on the back just above the natural waist level, cleverly conceal the Rip stop fabric pouch on the inside. The pouch falls in the small of the back and cannot be detected while wearing the Poppet. When you no longer need to wear it your Pocket Poppet it easily folds away and “pops” back into its pouch.

Fabric and garment Made In The USA. 94% polyester 6% Spandex Pocket 100% Nylon

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