I LOVE your products - it was given to me as a gift, I have now bought another for myself and I bought the off white for my daughter to use to throw on the day of her wedding over her dress when just a little something is needed while waiting for pictures. And now I am ordering another one for her so she will stop using that one before her wedding haha!!

Carol Pedersen

AU Naturel Classic Poppet, Naperville, Illinois

I ordered the limited time color orange. I love it! I received it in the mail Thursday and immediately put it on and wore it. I wore it again the very next day to work and received tons of compliments. Can’t wait till you add more colors. Dark Olive Green, a bone color. Thank you, Tamora

Tamora S.

Persimmon Classic Poppet, Arlington Heights, IL

I really love my Classic Black Pocket Poppet! It’s great for throwing on over anything and if I am not wearing it, It easily folds up into it’s pouch and I also have a place for my phone and cash! The fabric is great and it washes really nice too!

Maxine Riley Welsh

Mom of 3!, Williams Bay, WI

I love featuring your product as I really do wear it and think it very practical.

Val Warner

Windy City Live Host, Windy City Live

I was blessed to be in the audience for Windy City Lives Hot Picks Show this year, and.The Heathered Grey Pocket Poppet is one of my most favorite items of the giveaway! It is beautiful, fantastically well made, and is incredibly comfortable with an amazing fit. It has quickly become an important “go to” piece of my wardrobe and I just love it. Thanks for creating such a great garment!

Lisa Hoffman

Patent Attorney, Chicago, IL

I thought I’d write and let you know my newest favorite clothing item - the Lotus Charcoal Poppet - arrived safely in today’s mail and I LOVE it!! Thank you so much. It’s here, fits perfectly and is exactly what I was hoping it would be when I ordered it. It’s the perfect wrap for my trip to Slovenia and Croatia Thursday; a timely arrival!

As soon as I return, I will be ordering pocket poppets for my daughter and sister. I know they will be envious of mine and want one, too.

Again, I thank you for your wonderful customer service. I love your product and is a pleasure doing business with you and your company.

Andi Cody

Charcoal Lotus Poppet

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